Timber Engineer – Montreal, QC

Passionate and Driven Timber Engineer – Montreal, QC

  • About Us

    MyTiCon was founded in 2011 and is made up of young and driven engineers and business professionals working together to change the way we build green sustainable wood buildings in North America. Our expertise is in implementing, researching and providing the latest timber connection technologies in both Canada and the USA. We provide among the most advanced engineering support to structural design and architectural firms. Everything we do, we do to build green, sustainable and beautiful wood buildings.

    Our head office and warehouses are located on the west coast in Surrey, BC, Canada with an east coast office in Montreal, Qc. This position is for the Montreal office.
  • Your Role

    Your role will be diversified. Working with our in-house Timber Engineers to help support our customers’ engineers and architects in designing and detailing wood connections. Implementing design procedures and creating design literature for our clients following the North American codes or company R&D findings. You will represent MyTiCon as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at trade shows, conferences, seminars, webinars and speaking events. Along with our salespeople, you will be responsible for highlighting and explaining current and new engineering literature to prospects and clients. You will be involved in ongoing reaserch and development in collaboration with leading North American Universities. Code compliance support for new systems for design and construction on engineered wood products, wood to concrete composite systems and pre-engineered connection systems along with connection technology for seismic applications will be part of your responsibilities.

    While this position assumes little supervision, you will have access to professional Senior staff who will mentor and help with assigned projects in both Canada and the US. If you are driven by new technologies for timber connection systems, passionate that wood is the building material of the future and have a strong desire to learn and solve technical challenges for our customers, you will truly enjoy this opportunity and be a central part of the team.

  • Education

    Completed degree in Civil Engineering (Structural) with a solid background in Timber Engineering and Wood Science.

  • Experience

    3-5 years of experience

  • Skills

    Proficient in English (verbal and written skills)

    Comfortable working as technical support with sales staff

    Strong communication skills for client interaction

    Willingness to travel across North America (Canada and US)

    Entrepreneurial spirit

    Technically savvy

    Valid Canadian drivers license

  • Background in timber Framing, construction or carpentry

    Being multilingual, particularly French and/or German

    Access to a vehicle

Work Conditions
  • Start date


  • Type of Position

    Full-time, 40 hours per week

  • Salary

    Competitive base salary with performance-based bonuses.

  • Working at MyTiCon Timber Connectors

    We offer a challenging and fast paced work environment with great potential for our employees to grow and learn quickly. Given our wide variety of work challenges, we need to handle diverse tasks which contributes to working in a dynamic and fast changing environment. You must be able to adapt and be fearless of pressure and important deadlines.

    We are looking to fill this position with someone who would like to stay at MyTiCon for a long time, grow with us and take on more challenges and responsibilities.

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